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Davy Group Whistleblowing Policy

Davy is committed to dealing responsibly, openly and professionally with any concerns any of our stakeholders may have about possible malpractice within the firm. The Davy Group Whistleblowing Policy details how employees and others, including board members, shareholders, contractors, job applicants, trainees, third parties, should report their concerns and how these concerns will be dealt with.

Davy’s whistleblowing portal

As well as with the traditional in-person, phone, email and postal methods, whistleblowing concerns can be logged via our secure online portal. To protect the confidentiality of whistleblowers, concerns can be logged anonymously.

Visit Davy’s whistleblowing portal

Instructions on how to raise a concern via the portal are included, as well as copies of The Davy Group Whistleblowing Policy and our Privacy Notice.