You may be eligible to take out a Personal Retirement Bond if

  • You have a pension fund from a previous employer's Company Pension Scheme and you want to take control of the investment of the fund
  • You are leaving your current employer's Company Pension Scheme
  • Your current employer's Company Pension Scheme is winding up


A Personal Retirement Bond can take transfers from existing pensions in certain circumstances.

  • If you were a member of a Company Pension Scheme in a previous employment you can transfer the value of your pension benefits in the Occupational Pension Scheme to a Personal Retirement Bond.
  • The trustees of your current Company Pension Scheme can set up a Personal Retirement Bond for you if the Company Pension Scheme is winding up.
  • A new Personal Retirement Bond can also receive a transfer from another Personal Retirement Bond.

To find out whether your existing pension can be transferred, talk to a Davy portfolio Manager.


We provide clients with a wide range of personalised pension structures, all of which offer a range of flexible investment options. There are risks associated with pensions, and you should contact a Davy portfolio manager for advice to ensure that you choose a pension product that is right for you. 


You are responsible for making some or all of the investment decisions in relation to your Personal Retirement Bond. Your choices may not be the best options. As a result, there is a risk that the Personal Retirement Bond may be underfunded and/or the value may be insufficient at retirement so that your long-term retirement needs may not be met. It is important that you seek independent professional advice prior to making any decisions which have tax, legal or other financial implications.

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