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Investment Themes: What's the Big Idea?

David Hillery, Investment Strategist, outlines some of the themes and trends which he believes have the potential to outperform broader investment markets in the years ahead. Click on the thumbnails below to read more on each theme.


Geographical themes incorporate trends which are taking place in different regions and countries around the world. These themes tend to focus on economic, social, demographic and political changes that could influence not just domestic economies, but the global macroeconomic environment.


Global industry trends focus on specific issues that are shaping different industries, sectors and businesses globally. These themes tend to reflect changing supply and demand dynamics, new technologies or simply identify valuation opportunities within specific sectors across the industry value chain.


Fundamental investing primarily focuses on the analytical rigour of determining the true value of an asset. It seeks to identify valuation opportunities in the market, as well as ascertain which strategies perform best at certain stages of the investment cycle whether it be style or size-specific.


These themes look at areas of the market which we think investors should avoid due to an unattractive risk/reward dynamic.