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The world of investing can be complex. To help our clients navigate and understand its intricacies, Davy Private Clients’ investment teams have developed a series of investment guides. The guides cover a range of asset classes and investment styles, explaining what each one is and detailing the factors to consider when investing in the asset class or when choosing a style. Click on the thumbnails below to read more on each guide.
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Fixed Income: One of the Pillars of Portfolio Diversification

Fixed income, often considered a secondary investment choice behind equities, can be a cornerstone of portfolio diversification and can reduce the overall risk without significantly impacting expected returns. In this article, Keith Williamson, Investment Analyst, discusses the terminology of the fixed income world and looks at the drivers of fixed income returns and the pros and cons of investing in this asset class.

Investing Insights May 2016
BY Keith Williamson
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Investing in Equities - A Guide to Some of the Important Concepts

To the novice, investing in direct equities can seem like a daunting prospect with a myriad of data and terminology to understand. In this article and video, Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities, explains the terminology used in equity investing, highlights the main factors that drive equity prices over the long term and outlines some of the key aspects investors should bear in mind when considering any investment in direct equities.

Investment Guides May 2016
BY Aidan Donnelly
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Multi-Asset Investing: Expanding Your Opportunity Set

We all know the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, an analogy which could be also applied to investments. Investing in multiple assets increases the diversification of a portfolio by distributing investments across a combination of asset classes and aims to reduce the volatility of returns. In this article, Conor Sheridan, Investment Analyst, explores the evolution of the multi-asset investing and outlines the benefits, limitations and methods to investing across multiple asset classes.

Investment Guides April 2016
BY Conor Sheridan
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The Investor’s Dilemma: Active versus Passive Investment Style

To go active or to go passive? Both investment strategies have their advantages, but they are not without their risks. In this article, Sara MacGrath, Investment Analyst, explores pros and cons of each investment style and attempts to answer one of the most topical debates in the investment industry.

Investment Guides February 2016
BY Sara MacGrath
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Equity Style Investing: Diversification Across Investment Styles

Combining investment styles that behave differently under different economic conditions is crucially important in building a diversified portfolio. This article and video from Killian Buckley, Senior Investment Analyst, summarise our ‘Guide to Equity Style Investing’ which lists the most commonly applied styles of equity investing and the market environments that are favourable to each.

Investment Themes January 2016
BY Killian Buckley
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Real Estate: Building Out Your Portfolio

Real estate can be a valuable addition to an investor’s portfolio, offering an income stream, diversification and a degree of protection against inflation. This article is a summary of our ‘A Guide to Real Estate’, which discusses this key asset class, as well as outlining some of its benefits and risks.

Investment Guides August 2015
BY Michael MacGrath
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Private Equity: Investing Across Market Cycles

In the current low interest rate environment, private equity managers may be well-positioned to take advantage of attractive opportunities.

Investment Guides May 2015
BY Mary Cahill