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Investing Insights July 2017

Mid-year Review and Outlook 2017

brian-o-reilly.jpg Brian O'Reilly
Head of Global Investment Strategy
Eoin Corcoran 43x48.jpg Eoin Corcoran
Head of Portfolio Construction

The first half of 2017 has seen a worldwide focus on geopolitics amongst other key developments. These developments are explained by Brian O'Reilly, Head of Global Investment Strategy, as he discusses how the global economy has performed, the main trends in financial markets in 2017 and the implications for market performance.

Investment markets have been challenging for Euro based investors over the first half of the year. Eoin Corcoran, Head of Portfolio Construction, outlines the returns that have come from the various asset classes and what equity markets have delivered. He also discusses some of the key themes  that have driven returns in Davy portfolios.


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