Under no circumstances will Davy ever ask for your username or password in an email. If you receive such a communication, do not click on links or any attachments in the email and please contact Davy immediately.


The only address you should ever use to log-on to Davy is Never go to this address from a link placed in an unfamiliar email or website and if unsure as to whether a communication is valid or a fake, type the address into the URL bar manually.


Our website uses SSL encryption technology to ensure that communication between your browser and Davy is securely encrypted.

How to Identify a Secure Page

When you are logging into your Davy account, and after you are logged in, the address should start with ‘https://’ and you should see a padlock icon in the address bar. with padlock on right hand side of address bar and Davy logo on left hand side of address bar - secure login with padlock on left hand side of address bar secure log in

How to Identify an Insecure Page  

If you do not see the https://, or if the padlock is missing or is replaced with some other icon (e.g. an icon with a red strike-through), you should not attempt to log-on.

https:// with a red strike thropugh - insecure login 

"There is a problem with this websites security certificate" notification 


The safety of your username and password is critical to ensuring the safety of your online account.

  • Make sure you pick a strong password.
  • Do not share your username and password with anyone.
  • Do not re-use this password on other websites.
  • If you think someone may have access to your password, change it using our password change facility.
We recommend you never allow your browser to save your username and password. If you have saved your details and would like to clear your saved information, please read "How do I stop my computer from saving my Davy username and password?"


When you are finished, make sure to log out of your Davy account. A ‘logout’ link is provided on every page.


If you are ever in any doubt about whether a communication is real, or if you have other concerns about your online account, please contact us on +353 1 614 8778 or at