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Breaking up is hard to do: How to navigate the road to divorce

03rd June, 2021

No one enters a marriage intending to get divorced, yet Ireland’s divorce rate is up 800% in the last 15 years. Divorce is not a typical legal ‘transaction’. It involves overcoming challenges and complicated family issues that can be made easier with professional help and guidance.

Muriel Walls, partner in Walls & Toomey, has specialised in family law for over 30 years and is a recognised expert in preparing individuals – and couples – for the end of their marriage.

“The single most important takeaway is to put a value on the ‘relational estate’.  A contentious separation or divorce takes up time, energy, and emotional space – focus on a resolution and how to get there.”

Watch the webinar recording for some additional insights and considerations for couples navigating a divorce.



Working together

Personal finance is never simple, and divorce makes it significantly more complicated. While anyone going through divorce may be inundated with advice from well-meaning friends, what you really need is the expertise of professionals with experience in helping people just like you.

Working with one of our Certified Financial PlannersTM before your divorce is finalised will help facilitate an equitable arrangement minimise disruption to personal financial and life goals.

Open collaboration, the coordination of professional services and ongoing and open communication with all your advisers throughout helps for a successful transition. The team at Davy is experienced in working with teams of professionals during transitions like this, facilitating collaboration between you, your team and your advisers.

When you experience a significant turning point in your life - or better yet, when you see it on the horizon and have time to prepare - expert advice can be invaluable. Davy is here to help you navigate the anticipated milestones as well as the unexpected with confidence.

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