Pat Cooney
"In business, success generally depends on having a clearly articulated goal, and a clear route map to achieving that goal, or in other words a plan. Why should your financial affairs be any different?"
- Pat Cooney, Head of Portfolio Management


Your financial plan with Davy is a roadmap, helping you to navigate life’s stages. Our commitment is to guide you through this journey, with the aim of securing your financial future today, tomorrow and for the generations that follow.


We’re focussed on delivering superior investment returns for our clients. By integrating your financial goals with our view of the world and a rigorous investment process, we build an investment portfolio that is tailored to your specific needs.


Your pension portfolio can play a significant role in providing for your financial security in retirement, and give you the freedom to create a future that suits your needs. We provide a wide range of personalised pension structures to help you make the most of your assets in retirement.


Our Execution-Only service is for people who are comfortable making their own investment decisions, without financial advice. Buy and sell shares, investment funds and ETFs online or by telephone, and trade bonds by telephone.


Our office in Belfast provides a comprehensive range of financial planning, investment management and asset selection services for clients in Northern Ireland.


For those clients who avail of our Discretionary or Advisory service, your Davy Portfolio Manager is available to provide on-going assistance and advice. We also offer a range of supporting services for our clients, including online access to your portfolio and offices throughout the country. Online or in person, everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to keeping you informed.


Davy Private Clients operates a transparent fee structure. We charge an annual management fee for our Discretionary and Advisory services.