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As part of our wealth management service, Davy Private Clients produces a range of publications to provide clients with insights and analysis of economic, investment and financial planning issues & events which impact on both the global economy and individual portfolios.
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Commodities: America’s Energy Renaissance

Through the development of new technologies such as hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling, America is on the cusp of an energy renaissance. In time, a move toward energy self-sufficiency will yield numerous advantages for the US economy.

MarketWatch April 2013
BY Brian O'Reilly
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Take Advantage of the Prevailing Pension Fund Limits

With the knowledge that the current pension tax relief regime is being reviewed, 2013 may be the last opportunity for individuals to accumulate a fund of up to €2.3 million; and/or take a pension lump sum of up to €575,000.

Financial Planning Insights March 2013
BY Sandra Rockett