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As part of our wealth management service, Davy Private Clients produces a range of publications to provide clients with insights and analysis of economic, investment and financial planning issues & events which impact on both the global economy and individual portfolios.
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Planning to sell your pharmacy – what’s your strategy?

Whether you are looking to sell your pharmacy now or further down the line there are many issues to consider.

Financial Planning Insights March 2016
BY Deirdre Lyons
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Investment Strategies for Volatile Times

As is often the case in times of heightened anxiety, investors tend to flock to the relative safety of government bonds and cash which can offer protection in turbulent markets. In this article, David Hillery, Investment Strategist explores some of the more common options available to investors to reduce volatility in their portfolios.

Investing Insights March 2016
BY David Hillery
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The Investor’s Dilemma: Active versus Passive Investment Style

To go active or to go passive? Both investment strategies have their advantages, but they are not without their risks. In this article, Sara MacGrath, Investment Analyst, explores pros and cons of each investment style and attempts to answer one of the most topical debates in the investment industry.

Investment Guides February 2016
BY Sara MacGrath
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Investment Considerations for Volatile Markets

The recent equity market sell-off and heightened volatility has led to increased tension for investors. While the reasons for market sell-offs are always different we know that they will be a constant feature of investing in equities. Falls of more than 10% are actually quite common in global markets. The unpredictable timing of such falls is one of the challenges that investors will continue to face.

Investing Insights February 2016
BY Eoin Corcoran
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Making Sense of the Recent Market Volatility

Financial markets have been under pressure since the start of the year with several major markets now in bear market territory. In this video Brian O'Reilly, Head of Global Investment Strategy, helps explain what is driving the recent weakness and how Davy is positioning portfolios in this environment.

Investing Insights February 2016
BY Brian O'Reilly
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Oil: How Did We Get Here?

The oil industry is in a state of flux. The recent collapse in oil prices, in tandem with increases in supply, has led to significant changes within the industry. In this article, Bria Murphy, Equity Analyst, looks at the reasons for the oversupply of oil, OPEC’s unprecedented response to this oversupply, and the likely future of oil prices in this changing landscape.

Market Update February 2016
BY Bria Murphy
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The ‘A’ Word

There’s a delicate balance between paying your child to do work and ensuring your child doesn’t expect to be paid for everything they do.

Cents for Kids January 2016
BY Marah Curtin
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Outlook 2016: The World in Motion

Will the global economy accelerate again in 2016? In this article, Brian O'Reilly, Head of Global Investment Strategy, outlines some important developments that will shape the economic and investment outlook in 2016, including how he thinks the key regions will fare.

MarketWatch January 2016
BY Brian O'Reilly
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UK Outlook 2016: Beyond the Crisis

What lies ahead for the UK economy in 2016? In this article and summary video, Alan Werlau, Senior Investment Strategist, looks at the UK economic recovery in the year ahead. He also explores how the main UK asset classes – equities, fixed income, currencies, and commercial property – are positioned to perform in 2016.

Investing Insights January 2016
BY Alan Werlau
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Ireland in 2016: Housing Remains the Big Challenge

Will the Irish economy continue to grow in 2016? In this article, Robbie Kelleher, Senior Investment Strategist, looks at some of the challenges facing the Irish economy that could potentially impact the recent recovery.

MarketWatch January 2016
BY Robbie Kelleher