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As part of our wealth management service, Davy Private Clients produces a range of publications to provide clients with insights and analysis of economic, investment and financial planning issues & events which impact on both the global economy and individual portfolios.
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Brexit: First Response

The UK has voted to leave in its referendum on European Union membership. In this article and summary video, Brian O'Reilly, Head of Global Investment Strategy, discusses the result, outlines what will happen next, and looks at the implications for financial markets.

Investing Insights June 2016
BY Brian O'Reilly
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It's time to talk about the gender gap

It’s a home truth that Irish people are not saving sufficiently for their retirement income needs and the statistics show that a pension gap exists between women and their male counterparts, in terms of pension coverage and contributions to existing pension schemes.

Financial Planning Insights June 2016
BY Fiona Haughey
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Fixed Income: One of the Pillars of Portfolio Diversification

Fixed income, often considered a secondary investment choice behind equities, can be a cornerstone of portfolio diversification and can reduce the overall risk without significantly impacting expected returns. In this article, Keith Williamson, Investment Analyst, discusses the terminology of the fixed income world and looks at the drivers of fixed income returns and the pros and cons of investing in this asset class.

Investing Insights May 2016
BY Keith Williamson
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Investing in Equities - A Guide to Some of the Important Concepts

To the novice, investing in direct equities can seem like a daunting prospect with a myriad of data and terminology to understand. In this article and video, Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities, explains the terminology used in equity investing, highlights the main factors that drive equity prices over the long term and outlines some of the key aspects investors should bear in mind when considering any investment in direct equities.

Investment Guides May 2016
BY Aidan Donnelly
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Brazil: What Next?

The political scandal surrounding Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and corruption at the state-owned oil company Petrobras could have far-reaching implications for Brazil. In this article, David Collins, Investment Strategist explains the political and economic backdrop and the challenges the country faces.

Investing Insights April 2016
BY David Collins
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Multi-Asset Investing: Expanding Your Opportunity Set

We all know the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, an analogy which could be also applied to investments. Investing in multiple assets increases the diversification of a portfolio by distributing investments across a combination of asset classes and aims to reduce the volatility of returns. In this article, Conor Sheridan, Investment Analyst, explores the evolution of the multi-asset investing and outlines the benefits, limitations and methods to investing across multiple asset classes.

Investment Guides April 2016
BY Conor Sheridan
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Brexit: In or Out? Time to Decide

On 23rd June voters across the United Kingdom will have their say on whether they want to stay in or leave the EU. Both the in and out camps have put forward compelling arguments to support their positions, and the latest polls point to a close race. Alan Werlau, Senior Investment Strategist, considers the arguments for and against the UK staying in the EU.

MarketWatch April 2016
BY Alan Werlau
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The Interview: Why Brexit Matters

MarketWatch sat down with Conall Mac Coille, Robbie Kelleher and Andrew Fisher to hear their views about what an “Out” vote would mean for the UK and Irish economies, and how trade could be impacted between the two nations.

MarketWatch April 2016
BY Conall Mac Coille
BY Robbie Kelleher
BY Andrew Fisher
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Currencies: Clouds Gather for Sterling

The combination of economic and political uncertainty could trigger further sterling weakness. David Hillery, Investment Strategist, provides an insight into how uncertainty around Brexit could impact the British currency.

MarketWatch April 2016
BY David Hillery
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Equities: The Bear Necessities

2016 has been a rollercoaster ride for investors. After several years of solid gains, equity markets fell during the first few weeks of the year. In this article, David Collins, Investment Strategist, explains how certain strategies can help limit the downside during times of volatility.

MarketWatch April 2016
BY David Collins