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As part of our wealth management service, Davy Private Clients produces a range of publications to provide clients with insights and analysis of economic, investment and financial planning issues & events which impact on both the global economy and individual portfolios.
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Infrastructure: The Foundation of Growth

Governments around the world are increasingly looking to fund new infrastructure projects. David Hillery, Investment Strategist, looks at infrastructure as an emerging investment theme.

MarketWatch October 2016
BY David Hillery
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5 Considerations for Transferring Assets to Your Children

Helping your children financially can give them a solid platform for the rest of their lives. Brian Walsh, Director of Financial Planning, considers a number of important emotional and practical questions to be addressed before taking that step.

Financial Planning Insights September 2016
BY Brian Walsh
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The 'B' Word

Introducing your children to budgeting from their earliest earnings, be that from pocket money or generous relatives, can be an invaluable experience for them.

Cents for Kids September 2016
BY Sorcha O'Connor
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Philanthropy for Individuals and Companies

The way in which individuals and companies are giving to charities is changing. In this article, Deirdre Lyons and Clare Collins outline how investment advisers are dealing with the evolving philanthropic needs of their clients.

Financial Planning Insights August 2016
BY Deirdre Lyons
BY Clare Collins
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When I Grow up I Want to be…

Helping your children recognise what they are good at now will stand to them when they consider a career path later on.

Cents for Kids August 2016
BY Sorcha O'Connor
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Brexit: The Long Goodbye

On the morning of 24th June, the world awoke to a stunning reality. The UK had voted to leave the European Union. The vote to leave was the beginning and not the end of the exit process. In this article, Brian O’Reilly, Head of Global Investment Strategy, and Alan Werlau, Senior Investment Strategist, analyse the Brexit referendum result and look at the path the UK must take to leave the EU.

MarketWatch July 2016
BY Brian O'Reilly
BY Alan Werlau
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Summer Savings

Summer months can be the perfect time to instil positive saving habits in your child.

Cents for Kids July 2016
BY Sorcha O'Connor
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Brexit: How Weak Could Sterling Get?

The pound has hit new lows against the US dollar last seen in 1985. In this article, David Collins, Investment Strategist, debates on how much further sterling could fall and outlines the steps taken to defend the currency.

Investing Insights July 2016
BY David Collins
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UK Commercial Real Estate: The Dominoes Fall

Property was among the most impacted asset classes as a result of the UK referendum. Headlines about multinational companies moving their operations out of the UK spooked the market. In this article, Leonie Mac Cann, Senior Investment Analyst, explores the implications that Brexit will have on the property market.

Investing Insights July 2016
BY Leonie Mac Cann
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Brexit: What Next?

Following the Leave result in the UK's EU Brexit referendum, Alan Werlau, Senior Investment Strategist, looks at the path the UK must take to leave the EU, including the options available to them and possible timeframes.

Investing Insights June 2016
BY Alan Werlau