What is a watch list?

Your watch list is a table of up to twenty shares or ETFs that you have selected. It gives you an at a glance overview of their current performance, including: 

  • Current price
  • Change on day
  • Day range

To set up a new Watchlist:

1. Select “Markets” from the main navigation.
2. Select “Create New Watch/Alerts”.
3. Type the Share or ETF you want to create an alert for.
4. Select “Alert Type” from the drop down menu.
5. Click “Create”.

How do I remove a stock from a watch list?

To remove a stock from your watch list, simply click on the Delete button on the right of the listing. Removed shares/ETFs can be added to the list again at any time.

Are there any limits to the number of stocks that I can watch?

Your watch list is limited to twenty shares/ETFs.

Watchlist - How to set up a Watchlist Video