Price Alerts Terms and Conditions

Davy Private Clients have the facility to set up customised price alerts for certain shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). There are two alert types: value alerts and timed alerts. A value alert is triggered when the price of your selected share or ETF changes. Once a value alert has been triggered, it is cancelled. Should you wish to receive another value alert, you can set up a new one. A timed alert is triggered only at the times specified by you. Please note that prices are delayed by 15 minutes.


In sending a price alert, Davy does not indicate that this price is available in the market. The alerts service is intended to keep you informed; however, you should not rely on the information received or not received without further enquiry. Before making any decisions on trading, you should verify facts from independent sources. Prices are only to be used as a reference point and you should always confirm the latest price with your Davy Private Clients Adviser prior to trading. This service does not constitute financial advice or another regulated service.

While we use all reasonable care in communicating with you, we are dependent on third parties for the content of messages that we send you and cannot accept liability for any error or omissions. Davy makes no undertakings or representations and does not provide any warranties (whether express or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy, or timeliness of price alerts, which may be affected because of systems or other failures. In using the alerts facility, you agree not to hold Davy liable for any loss or damage (whether arising directly or indirectly) resulting from decisions that are based on received alerts or the absence thereof.