Regulatory Disclosures

A description of each company may be displayed by clicking on the company's name below.

Davy is registered as a market-maker by Euronext and/or the London Stock Exchange in a number of securities. The table below indicates whether Davy is registered as a market-maker in the stocks listed.

For US clients of Davy Securities Unlimited Company, the table also indicates if Davy Securities Unlimited Company or an affiliate beneficially holds a proprietary position and/or controls on a discretionary basis more than 1% of the total issued share capital of each company.

If Davy has provided certain material investment banking services to any company under coverage in the past 12 months, this too is indicated. The term "material investment banking services" includes Davy acting as broker as well as the provision of corporate finance services such as underwriting and managing or advising on a public offer.

See table below for details.