• Broader Distribution: many institutional investors can only invest in securities listed on a recognised stock exchange
  • Quoted Market Price: many institutions need to ‘mark to market’ their security holdings
  • Tax Benefits: certain jurisdictions provide exemptions for investments in listed securities
  • NAV ('Net Asset Value') Publication: an Irish listing can inexpensively satisfy UCITS NAV publication requirements
  • Enhances Credibility: listing enhances the attractiveness of a fund in the market place
  • Offers Prestige and Transparency: the Irish Stock Exchange’s long established and recognised reputation
  • Cost Benefits: listing within three to six weeks is possible and at a reasonable cost

Davy is the leading sponsoring broker to investment funds and one of the leading listing agents for asset-backed securities, debt securities and derivative securities on the Irish Stock Exchange. Davy is one of only three sponsors to be represented on the Irish Stock Exchange Investment Funds Listing Committee, the body charged with approving policy updates and listing rules.