Davy GPS Funds Fees and Charges Information

Fees and charges apply to the Davy GPS Funds which are outlined in the Prospectus, Supplements, Key Investor Information Documents and the Information Memorandum. This page outlines the current fees and charges applicable to each of the funds as at August 2018.

Davy GPS Funds fees and charges

Davy Cautious Growth Fund   Davy Moderate Growth Fund Davy Long - Term Growth Fund
Davy Investment Management fee  1.oo%    Davy Investment Management fee  1.oo% Davy Investment Management fee  1.00%
Administrator Depository Costs & Other Costs 0.13%*   Administrator Depository Costs & Other Costs 0.13%* Administrator, Depository Costs & Other Costs  0.14%*
Third Party Costs  0.37%   Third Party Costs  0.44% Third Party Costs  0.51%
Ongoing Charges Figure  1.51%   Ongoing Charges Figure  1.57% Ongoing Charges Figure  1.65%

Davy GPS Funds Fees and Charges Information

*These figures are estimates and may vary. Administrator Fee is 0.085% per annum and Deposition Fee is 0.0175% per annum, both subject to minimums. Davy Account Fees apply separately.

Davy does not charge any transaction costs on trades within the Davy GPS Funds but does receive an annual management charge.

Certain fees are paid centrally out of the assets of the fund including Directors fees (max. €40,000 plus VAT per annum), and Establishment Expenses (approx. €45,800). The underlying funds in which the funds may invest will also be subject to their own fees and expenses

Davy account fees and charges apply

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