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Corporate News July 2015

Tax regime for domestic business leaves much room for improvement

The Department of Finance is currently examining the tax regime for entrepreneurs and business owners in Ireland. Davy welcomed the opportunity to participate and prepared a detailed submission to the Department on this topic.

As a leading provider of wealth management and corporate finance services to numerous Irish businesses, we have gained valuable insight into the issues faced by our clients in practice.

We hope that by voicing the experiences of many of our clients, we can help effect some much needed change in current tax policy.

In our submission, we argue the tax regime for domestic business does not foster a supportive environment for entrepreneurship. In fact, in many cases it is serving as an impediment to the establishment, growth and sustainability of enterprise in this country. Measures taken in the wake of the financial crisis have exacerbated these issues, with the self-employed sector arguably being hit disproportionately.

Submission by Davy to Department of Finance