David Earlie Senior Portfolio Manager

Each client’s needs are different. From wealth accumulation and wealth protection, to providing for the next generation and philanthropy, my role is to develop a tailored approach to these personal goals and priorities. By bringing together the depth of resources and experience from across the business – financial structuring, technical advisory, research and economics – I can give my clients the best financial guidance, letting them focus on what’s important to them, be that family, growing their business or retirement.

There’s no denying that it’s a challenging industry and a demanding work environment, however it’s also one where hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit are rewarded with opportunities to progress. In this sense, a career in Davy offers more than just a paycheck at the end of the month and the company undertakes to support personal and extra-curricular activities, whether you have further academic ambitions, or just want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

During my time in Davy, I have learnt that everything is built on good relationships. I have established close working relationships with my clients which I believe is central to understanding their needs and ultimately delivering excellent service. But it is also the many great friends I have made in the company, and the social camaraderie, that sets Davy apart from other firms and makes it such an enjoyable and engaging place to work.