Training and progression

At Davy, we recognise the importance of continuous learning. To this end, we encourage our staff to pursue self-development opportunities through the acquisition of professional qualifications, formal training and active on-the-job coaching.

Group of Davy team members working

A culture of professional development and learning

We believe that continuous development not only widens your skills and knowledge base, it also equips you to perform your role more effectively and to reach your full potential. Every year, you will be involved in the design of your individual personal development plan. Your development goals will be addressed and you will be provided with all of the resources you need to achieve these goals. We actively support study for professional qualifications and provide financial assistance and substantial study leave.

As an employee of Davy, our goal is to assist you in maximising your performance and career progression prospects within the business.


A variety of training courses and professional qualifications are available, depending on your personal requirements:

  • Role specific qualifications such as; Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Professional Diploma in Financial Advice (QFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) ISE Certificate in Stockbroking, Accredited Product Advisor (APA) Savings and Investments, APA Pensions, Series 7, Series 63, Xetra;
  • Professional development programmes such as Presentation Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Negotiation Skills and Business Writing Skills;
  • Leadership and Management Development;
  • Specific training on relevant IT systems;
  • Individuals are also supported in undertaking a programme of continuous professional development (CPD)

Career progression

Davy is a dynamic, fast paced business with significant career development and progression opportunity. We aim to ensure that all of our employees reach their full potential. Employees are presented with exciting opportunities.

We encourage employees to be open regarding their ambitions and strive to assist employees in matching this.

Our vacancies are advertised internally and we aim, where possible, to fill vacancies through the development of existing employees. Career progression options arise within departments and movement to other areas of the business is also encouraged.

We value our employees, and we endeavour to satisfy their ambitions as they move through their careers at Davy.