Corporate Social Responsibility

Davy. Supporting those who support our communities

Davy’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a fundamental component of our business and is guided by our values of Client Success, One Davy, and Proud Legacy.

We understand the importance of being a good corporate citizen, ethically and responsibly managing all aspects of our business so that we can make a difference that matters in our community, workplace, environment and marketplace and among our employees, clients, shareholders and other stakeholders.


As a business and as individual employees, we look to support our local communities through charitable giving and community efforts. Davy partners with a charity every year so we can make a difference that matters. As an organisation, we are focused on creating better futures for our clients. In 2020, Davy was delighted to announce SOAR and Aware as our new charity partners. Learn more about our partnerships with SOAR and Aware.
We also support our employees who, as individuals or in groups, are making a contribution to our community, by matching funds raised for charitable causes.

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We aim to create the best workplace possible, supporting our employees to reach their full potential and maximise their career progression, while prioritising their health and wellbeing.  We offer access to health and wellbeing benefits including an on-site gym and fitness centre facilities, dental, optician and health checks, flu vaccines and a full calendar of lunchtime health and wellbeing seminars. Our vibrant sports and social culture offers a wide-ranging variety of events to ensure there is something to suit everybody’s interests. We understand the importance of continuous learning and encourage our staff to pursue self-development opportunities with our support.

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Making a positive contribution to the environment in which we operate is a company priority. The Davy Green Team, a cross departmental team, initiates, develops and drives company-wide environmental programmes. The team sets the Group’s objectives and targets in terms of energy management, waste management and recycling, transportation initiatives and water conservation. The Green Team builds awareness among Davy employees about the importance of making a positive impact on our environment.

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Our business is founded on mutual trust and public confidence. Integrity, confidentiality, professionalism, compliance and legality form the basis of the Davy Code of Conduct, the standards which all of our employees sign up to and practice day-to-day.


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