30% Club – A Career Less Ordinary

The 30% Club Ireland’s ‘A Career Less Ordinary’ initiative is designed to encourage school and college students to find out more about the diverse range of roles and career opportunities in the Financial Services industry.

Davy, as a member of the 30% Club Ireland, is delighted to support A Career Less Ordinary. Watch the video below, featuring our very own Amy O’Dwyer, to learn more about a career in Financial Services.

Profile on Amy

Amy O'DwyerI am an associate sustainability adviser on the Davy Horizons sustainability team. My interest in sustainability goes back a long way. I studied Geography at Canterbury Christ Church University and while studying I worked as a researcher for two years. My research was focused on environmental current affairs. I joined Davy in 2017, initially on the Corporate Access team in the Capital Markets division. Three years later, an opportunity arose to join Davy Horizons, Davy’s sustainability advisory division, and I was keen to take the next step in my career and work in an area I had always loved. A career in sustainability and ESG is a meaningful career with great longevity. A great thing about this sector is its need for diversity in all its forms - ages, cultures, and skillsets - to thrive. My work aligns with my personal values and I feel fortunate to be doing something I am passionate about. It is very satisfying to see the impact you can have while working with clients to help them be more socially and environmentally responsible.

About the 30% Club

The 30% Club is a global campaign supported by Board Chairs and CEOs of medium and large organisations, committed to achieving better gender balance at leadership levels and throughout their organisation, for better business outcomes. Established in 2015, the Irish chapter is supported by the leaders of more than 270 leading Irish businesses and organisations across all business sectors, representing more than 600,000 employees.

For more information, visit the 30% Club Ireland’s website.