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Investment Insight Series: Thematic Calls

Our video series provides an insight into global market trends in investing.

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The world is constantly changing and new challenges and opportunities are created every day. To help grasp these opportunities, we have dedicated teams of analysts who continuously monitor global markets for game changing trends that they see taking place in the world today. Our Investment Themes are a summary of what we believe are some of the best investment opportunities available today. We believe these sectors will continue to see exponential growth in earnings this year and beyond. As such our thematic calls are essentially our “best ideas”.

The videos below are recordings from our Investment Insight Series which were produced to provide more colour, detail and background to the opportunities that we believe exists in these areas. To best effect these broadcasts, we have enlisted the help of world class experts to educate us on the continued possibilities that we believe lie ahead. They are passionate and knowledgeable in equal measure on their respective areas of expertise. Like all good speakers, their genius is in making the complex simple.

Watch the videos below.

Thematic Calls: Focus on Life Sciences with Professor Luke O’Neill

In this webinar, Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities in Davy Private Clients, is joined by Professor Luke O'Neill to discuss life sciences.

Thematic Calls: AI & Robotics and Cybersecurity

In this webinar, Eoin Corcoran, Head of Portfolio Construction in Davy Private Clients, is joined by Clare Dillon to discuss AI & robotics, and cybersecurity.

Thematic Calls: Focus on AI & Robotics with Adam Dalton

In this webinar, Aidan Donnelly, Head of Equities in Davy Private Clients, is joined by Adam Dalton, CEO and co-Founder, Robotify to discuss AI & Robotics.

Thematic investing at Davy

Life Sciences

At the epicentre of changes driven by demographics. Revamping business and delivery models to cater for an ageing population can potentially create significant opportunities for investors.

Cyber Security

Recent cyber-attacks are one of the main challenges facing business today. Investment in cyber security is becoming of increasing importance in the era of organisations working remotely.

AI & Robotics

The widespread increase in automation within manufacturing and services provision has seen robotics become one of the most exciting avenues for investment in recent years. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered processes are driving business expansion.

Climate Change

This will create difficulties for some business models and create opportunities for others. We believe that companies that seriously incorporate the impact of climate change have an inherent advantage over those that don't - you could be out in front of this trend.

China A i.e. Chinese Domestic shares

Considered the growth engine of the world, the Chinese stock market is an exciting opportunity for returns as it is significantly underrepresented in emerging market and global indices, relative to its size.

Value Call

The value style has been out of favour for a prolonged period during this market cycle. Value investing is an approach which emphasizes fundamentals and we believe that investment is compelling at this point in the cycle.

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Philip Lowe
Director, Davy Private Clients


Philip Lowe