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When clients meet with us, they are looking for a genuinely insightful service that has their interests at heart. That’s why we take a holistic approach – working with you to create a Financial Life Plan and investment strategy that aims to make a real difference to you and your family.

Whether you're looking to create future peace of mind, to protect your family, or to pass on your assets in a tax-efficient way, now is a good time to start planning.
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To find out how Davy Financial Life Planning can help you meet your goals, talk to us on 01 614 8778!

Mapping your future, goal by goal

LIFESTYLEWhen you look to your retirement, do you ever wonder how much you might need to fund it?

Whether you are just starting to think about it now, or are reviewing your existing pension arrangements, you will find great peace of mind from talking to Davy.

PROTECTIONHow would your family be financially affected if something were to happen to you today?

Financial protection is the ‘safety net’ of Financial Life Planning. It seeks to make preparations for certain scenarios which may arise in your life.

SUCCESSIONHave you considered what you want to leave behind and who you want to leave it to?

Do you hope to pass on your business to your children? Succession planning involves managing the transition of wealth to the next generation.

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The sooner you start, the better it gets

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You may choose to avail of Davy Financial Life Planning as part of our investment management service. Financial Life Planning may include advice in relation to your pension and retirement needs, life assurance, income or health protection policies, other investments, or succession planning. It may also provide general guidance or information on tax and estate planning. Please note, however, that we do not provide tax or legal advice, nor accept liability for it. We recommend that you consider seeking tax and legal advice from professionals, with whom we are happy to engage.

Financial Planning Risks. There are risks associated with putting a financial plan in place. There is no guarantee that your financial plan will meet its objectives. You may lose some or all of the money you invest. Please note that these risks are not exhaustive and there may be other risk factors which should be taken into consideration. For additional information on the risks associated with financial planning , please contact your Portfolio Manager.