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biodiversity loss and deforestation image of a forrest in the shaope of human lungs


Biodiversity loss and deforestation
Managing Nature Risks in your Business

13th September

Biodiversity loss and deforestation – Managing Nature Risks in your Business

Biodiversity and nature are becoming increasingly important areas of focus for business, and this is being reinforced with policy and law, and with a range of voluntary initiatives. There is a lot of terminology around this area, such as natural capital, ecosystem services, nature positive, nature risk, etc which can be difficult to interpret and navigate for business. Davy Horizons were recently joined by Professor Jane Stout and Roel Nozeman to discuss biodiversity and nature and how these translate to the corporate environment. In the discussion they focus on how business can incorporate biodiversity and nature risks and opportunities, and what this looks like in practice.


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Professor Jane Stout

Speaker: Professor Jane Stout, PhD

Jane is Professor of Ecology in the School of Natural Sciences, and is the Vice-President for Biodiversity and Climate Action at Trinity College Dublin. Her expertise is in the fields of ecology and biodiversity, and in connecting human and natural ecosystems, particularly through urban and agricultural land management, and the Natural Capital approach. Jane is an internationally renowned expert on pollinator and pollination ecology, and a prominent voice for biodiversity and its value. She co-founded the successful conservation initiative, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, and not-for-profit Natural Capital Ireland.

Roel Nozeman

Speaker: Roel Nozeman

Roel Nozeman heads the Biodiversity team at ASN Bank and is the Programme Director of PBAF (the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials). PBAF is growing fast since its start at the end of 2019, currently 56 participating financial institutions from 15 countries are participating. He is also responsible for the biodiversity strategy and activities of ASN Bank and the Volksbank group. With a diverse background in both the financial and the environmental sector he strives to bring these different worlds together and contribute to a sustainable future.

Whitepaper on Biodiversity and Nature

Biodiversity and Nature - Risks & Opportunities for Business

In our latest whitepaper, we discuss what biodiversity and nature risk are in the context of business and what it means for corporates, as well as the drivers of the focus on biodiversity and nature, and how business will be impacted by policy, law and other initiatives on this topic.

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Horizons Event Video

Biodiversity loss and deforestation – Managing Nature Risks in your Business

Watch as our expert panel discuss what biodiversity and ecosystems services really are, how nature risk applies to businesses and the impact businesses can have on biodiversity, as well as the challenges of measuring biodiversity and what is currently happening in this space.

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