Disruptive Technology

Monthly valuation overview – February


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
AO World plc NEUTRAL 22/09/21 N/A N/A 70.2p
ASOS plc NEUTRAL 29/09/21 N/A N/A 876p
Auto Trader Group plc NEUTRAL 24/01/22 N/A N/A 590p
Auto1 Group SE NEUTRAL 09/02/22 N/A N/A 720c
Baltic Classifieds Group plc NEUTRAL 09/08/22 N/A N/A 169.8p
boohoo group plc OUTPERFORM 22/09/21 N/A N/A 53.3p
Carvana Co NEUTRAL 09/02/22 N/A N/A 891c
Cazoo Group NEUTRAL 08/09/21 N/A N/A 18046c
Darktrace plc NEUTRAL 11/08/22 N/A N/A 263.7p
Deliveroo plc OUTPERFORM 18/01/22 N/A N/A 81.2p
Delivery Hero OUTPERFORM 18/01/22 N/A N/A 3795c
DoorDash Inc NEUTRAL 18/01/22 N/A N/A 5392c
GB Group plc OUTPERFORM 11/08/22 N/A N/A 341p
HelloFresh SE OUTPERFORM 09/02/22 N/A N/A 2012c
In the Style Group plc NEUTRAL 09/08/22 Outperform 22/09/21 7.4p
Kainos Group plc NEUTRAL 06/09/22 N/A N/A 1390p
Marks Electrical Group plc OUTPERFORM 12/01/23 Neutral 26/07/22 90.5p
Moonpig Group plc NEUTRAL 06/10/21 N/A N/A 114p
musicMagpie plc NEUTRAL 29/09/21 N/A N/A 39.4p
Naked Wines plc NEUTRAL 06/10/21 N/A N/A 107p
On the Beach Group plc OUTPERFORM 09/02/23 Neutral 06/10/21 162p
OnTheMarket plc NEUTRAL 09/08/22 N/A N/A 68.0p
Purplebricks Group plc NEUTRAL 24/01/22 N/A N/A 9.5p
Rightmove plc OUTPERFORM 24/01/22 N/A N/A 560p
Sosandar plc OUTPERFORM 26/07/22 N/A N/A 23.0p
Trustpilot Group plc NEUTRAL 06/09/22 N/A N/A 103.4p
Virgin Wines UK plc NEUTRAL 26/07/22 N/A N/A 52.0p


In our monthly valuation product, we provide an overview of key metrics across our three core coverage sectors: E-commerce, Online Marketplaces and Software & IT Services. January saw a significant bounce across our coverage, but the past month has seen a return to the downward trend of 2022 as fears of sticky inflation and sustained higher interest rates come to the fore. Over the past month, our E-commerce coverage is down 8%, Online Marketplaces down 11% with Software & IT Services relatively resilient, up 1%. Looking forward, can the UK-EU post-Brexit deal, alongside a relative rebound in consumer confidence, help boost the supressed valuations in the UK market? See the link to our full presentation below.

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Mar 3 2023, 07:15 GMT