Davy Research

About Davy Research

At Davy Research, we aim to provide our clients with innovative, timely and commercial ideas based on our deep fundamental knowledge and understanding of the companies we cover and the industries within which they operate.

We have a team of 30 analysts and support staff providing in-depth coverage on over 110 stocks across a number of key sectors where we feel we can add tangible value. These can be broadly categorised under two headings: Consumer and Industrial:


  •    Food
  •    Beverage
  •    Pharmaceuticals
  •    Gaming
  •    Media
  •    Technology
  •    Financials


  •    Building Materials
  •    Paper & Packaging
  •    Steel
  •    Transport
  •    Resources

Our economics team focuses particularly on the UK and Irish economies as well as providing insights on more global trends. Its analysis underpins our perspectives on developments in equity markets.

Our analysts are not just financial engineers - they are industry experts in their particular sectors. This deep fundamental knowledge is backed up by rigorous financial and valuation analysis.

Drawing on their expertise, we base our recommendations on the themes currently shaping the sectors we cover, selecting the stocks best positioned to benefit — or sometimes suffer — from these developments. In this context, our monthly publications, Davy European Consumer Monthly and Davy European Industrials and Transport Monthly, provide a platform for developing and communicating our views. 

Ultimately of course, the value of what we do has to be judged by our clients. In the most recent benchmark surveys — the Institutional Investor All-Europe Research Team Survey and the Thomson Reuters Extel Survey — we were voted best equity research team in Ireland. We also aim to listen and are therefore always open to the views of clients on how we might improve our product offering.

Barry Dixon
Head of Davy Research