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Applegreen’s convenience retail proposition is a unique differentiator versus peers. It has facilitated rapid site growth in a consolidating forecourt market, delivering 15% EBIT CAGR in...

Oct 19 2017 | Eoghan Reid , Allan Smylie CFA | Company Report | 54 pages

Pump up the volume! An analysis of DCC Energy’s Retail & Fuel Card business

The Retail & Fuel Card business is one of DCC Energy’s three key growth drivers. It has already made substantial progress against a strategy first outlined in 2013 and is now, we...

Jan 31 2017 | Allan Smylie CFA , Ross Harvey | Company Report | 28 pages

In rude health! Detailed analysis of DCC's Healthcare division

DCC Healthcare has more than doubled its earnings base in three years and is now the group’s second-largest division. Increased scale and regional/channel diversity have also improved...

Apr 18 2016 | Allan Smylie CFA , Ross Harvey | Company Report | 29 pages

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