A virtuous cycle

  • Sectors : Banks
  • Companies : permanent tsb Group | AIB Group | Bank of Ireland


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
AIB Group OUTPERFORM 23/01/19 Neutral 14/08/18 259c
Bank of Ireland OUTPERFORM 11/03/13 Neutral 14/08/12 743c
permanent tsb Group OUTPERFORM 04/02/21 Neutral 06/03/19 169c


For the first time since the Global Financial Crisis, sustainable returns are in sight for Irish banks. Operating jaws will widen substantially after years of tightening, with material increases to pre-provision operating profits. Better earnings will make the Irish sector more resilient to shocks and enable more appropriate capital distribution policies and normalisation of capital levels. While macroeconomic uncertainties persist, we believe Irish banks are well positioned and reiterate our ‘Outperform’ ratings.

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Sep 23 2022, 07:00 IST/BST