Further rate cuts in the mortgage market

  • Sectors : Banks
  • Companies : permanent tsb Group | AIB Group | Bank of Ireland


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
AIB Group OUTPERFORM 23/01/19 Neutral 14/08/18 222c
Bank of Ireland OUTPERFORM 11/03/13 Neutral 14/08/12 488c
permanent tsb Group OUTPERFORM 04/02/21 Neutral 06/03/19 142c


The announcement by ICS Mortgages sees its rates move to the lower end of the market, better positioning it for the exits of Ulster Bank Ireland and KBC Bank Ireland. The mortgage market remains competitive as lenders position for the large upcoming changes in market structure. The longer-term prospects for the market hinge more on housing market activity; a revised housing plan is due from the government shortly that could provide a key catalyst for increased activity and mortgage lending.

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Aug 5 2021, 08:25 IST/BST