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  • Companies : Grafton Group | Howden Joinery | Travis Perkins plc


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
Grafton Group OUTPERFORM 07/10/20 Neutral 21/05/20 1226p
Howden Joinery NEUTRAL 26/09/19 Outperform 29/01/15 887p
Travis Perkins plc NEUTRAL 28/05/20 Underperform 01/07/16 1703p


The building distribution sector has changed considerably. In the UK, traditional operators have evolved by investing in specialist formats (for example, Selco; Toolstation; Screwfix) and by actively managing legacy businesses. These specialist formats are user friendly, digitally-enabled, multi-channel brands and have been capturing market share. Private equity involvement has also increased significantly, especially in traditional merchanting. Recent developments in particular highlight the journey Grafton has been on, and it remains our preferred pick in the sector.

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Jul 15 2021, 06:45 IST/BST