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The Green Wave – a multi-year opportunity for the building products sector

  • Sectors : Building Materials
  • Companies : Kingspan Group | Holcim | CRH | Saint-Gobain Group


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
CRH OUTPERFORM 23/05/12 Neutral 12/01/12 4253c
Kingspan Group OUTPERFORM 12/05/11 Neutral 30/06/09 5720c
Holcim OUTPERFORM 20/04/20 Neutral 09/01/19 4870chf
Saint-Gobain Group OUTPERFORM 29/01/21 Neutral 02/11/20 4153c


The EU Commission last year launched a strategy to stimulate a significant acceleration in the renovation of Europe’s energy deficient buildings. Similar action now seems likely in the US given the new president’s climate ambitions. The intent is both commendable and logical given the wider target to reduce carbon emissions from buildings. There are obstacles, such as funding, so success cannot be assumed. However, we believe this investment (>€100bn per annum in Europe alone) and the US potential represent a decade-long opportunity for the products sector. We believe the winners will be those businesses that offer smart, energy efficient product solutions.

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Jan 29 2021, 06:30 GMT