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Updating forecasts; sector well-placed into 2020

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  • Companies : Air lease | Aircastle | Avation | AerCap Holdings


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
AerCap Holdings OUTPERFORM 27/06/17 N/A N/A 6082c
Air lease OUTPERFORM 01/11/19 N/A N/A 4684c
Aircastle NEUTRAL 01/11/19 N/A N/A 3210c
Avation OUTPERFORM 01/11/19 N/A N/A 269.5p


The fundamental underpinnings of the aircraft leasing sector remain broadly positive as we enter 2020, even if the MAX has added a layer of uncertainty. In light of recent updates, we have revised our forecasts for AerCap, Air Lease and Avation. Earnings growth and valuations remain attractive, supported by the expected take-out of Aircastle at 1.2x P/B, due to complete in 2020. For further detail, see our recent report (LINK).

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Dec 9 2019, 11:50 GMT