Donegal Investment Group (DQ7A.I, DQ7A ID)

  • 45.2
  • 4.1
  • 99.2


    Closing Price (c): 1090.0

  • RATING 17/09/10

  • PREVIOUS RATING 30/06/09


Company Profile

Originally a traditional small-scale dairy co-operative, Donegal Creameries has transformed since listing. Activities added include seed potato marketing, sugar, confectionery and mushroom growing and composting. These diversified activities, as with its historical base of fluid milk processing and agri-trading, operate in the north-west region of Ireland. Its mushroom investment has UK production units. The company has grown EPS commendably since listing. Of particular interest, not least from an investment perspective, is its investment in mushrooms, a vegetable that is an integral part of many convenience food offerings. The mushroom has good growth prospects, especially so for exotic strains.

Major Shareholders%
Donegal Investment Group12.2
Pageant Investments9.3
Aurora Nominees8.4
Goodbody Nominees 7.4