XP Power (XPP.L, XPP LN)

  • 251.1
  • 23.7
  • 95.4

    Closing Price (p): 1060.0

  • RATING 24/10/23


Company Profile

XP Power (XPP) is a designer and manufacturer of power converters for niche, low volume applications with a high degree of customisation. It benefitted from strong healthcare-related demand during COVID and robust order intake through the electronic supply chain issues in 2022. It has significant exposure to the US semiconductor manufacturing equipment supply chain, which is set to benefit from the expected recovery in investment in new global wafer/chip fabrication sites in 2024 and beyond. Its near-term focus is on resolving its current stretched balance sheet.

Major Shareholders%
Aberforth Partners5.2
Montanaro Asset Management Ltd.5.1
Van Lanschot Kempen Investment 5.0
Odyssean Capital LLP4.4
Columbia Threadneedle Asset Mgr. 4.3