Greencore Group (GNC.L, GNC LN)

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    Closing Price (p): 238.6

  • RATING 13/03/18

  • PREVIOUS RATING 20/06/13


Company Profile

Greencore is a manufacturer of convenience foods with operations in the UK. Activity is largely concentrated on supplying food-to-go solutions to retail customers and other channels such as independent grocers and food service. It has strong positions in 'food to go' (sandwiches, salads, sushi) and 'chilled meal solutions' (ready meals, sauces, quiches). Greencore recently exited its US business following its entry into the US market via a series of acquisitions from 2008 onwards. The model will now revert to a simpler UK-centric business with a mix of lower growth but higher returns on capital.

Major Shareholders%
Polaris Capital Mgmt 11.9
FMR Corp 10.0
JP Morgan Asset Mgmt5.4
Morgan Stanley5.1
Black Creek3.0