Greencore Group (GNC.L, GNC LN)

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  • RATING 13/03/18

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Company Profile

Greencore has food manufacturing operations in the UK and the US. Its dominant market is the UK, where activity is largely concentrated on supplying food-to-go solutions to retail multiples and other channels such as independent grocers and food service. It has strong positions in 'food to go' (sandwiches, salads, sushi) and 'chilled meal solutions' (ready meals, sauces and quiches). Greencore is the number-one UK sandwich manufacturer. In the US, it operates a fast-growing convenience foods business. Greencore's US prepared food manufacturing platform was initially built through a series of small acquisitions (from 2008 onwards). More recently, it has moved to deepen its US 'food to go' manufacturing footprint through a series of organic investments, most notably a greenfield facility in Rhode Island. Its latest investments will not only enhance Greencore's manufacturing platform but will enable the business to grow through geographic and product extension (frozen capability added).

Major Shareholders%
FMR Corp 8.7
Polaris Capital Mgmt 8.1
Melqart Asset Management6.8
Axxion S.A4.3