Huhtamaki (HUH1V.HE, HUH1V FH)

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  • 107.8
  • 92.7

    Closing Price (c): 3616.0

  • RATING 04/10/23

  • PREVIOUS RATING 03/04/23


Company Profile

Huhtamaki is a global food and beverage packaging producer with 116 sites in 37 counties globally, generating revenues of €4.5bn in 2022, split approximately: one-third Europe, one-third USA and one-third Rest of the world. Key global customers include McDonald's, Walmart and Unilever.

Major Shareholders%
Finnish Cultural Foundation10.5
Keskinainen Varma3.8
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension3.5
The Vanguard Group, Inc.3.3
Huhtamaki Oyj3.0