Yew Grove REIT (YEW.I, YEW ID)

  • 89.3
  • 111.6
  • 97.3

    Closing Price (c): 80.0

  • RATING 20/04/20


Company Profile

Yew Grove REIT is a commercial real estate REIT that listed in June 2018 and is focused on office and industrial assets outside Dublin's Central Business District (CBD) and across regional Ireland. Its assets have a high net initial yield, enabling it to pay large dividends to investors. It does not engage in developments, has a low loan-to-value (LTV) of around 25%, has minimal retail exposure and its tenant base is primarily government agencies, foreign direct investment and large corporates, giving it a low risk and high income profile. It needs to increase scale to become more attractive to institutional investors.

Major Shareholders%
Goldstein Property ICAV Fund4.7