Dalata Hotel Group (DHG.I, DHG ID)

  • 903.8
  • 224.3
  • 89.5

    Closing Price (c): 403.0

  • RATING 09/09/14

  • PREVIOUS RATING 03/09/14


Company Profile

Dalata Hotel Group is Ireland's leading hotel operator with a proven management team that has considerable industry and public market experience. The group operates a network of owned and leased hotels in Ireland and the UK. The company was listed in 2014 and is still at an early stage of its growth curve. Its growth strategy is focused on building out its presence in the UK, largely through operating leases.

Major Shareholders%
Zahid Group Holding LLC9.9
Threadneedle Asset Mgt. Ltd.5.9
FMR Investment Management (UK)5.3
Helikon Investments Ltd.4.0
Franklin Mutual Advisers LLC4.0