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  • GAN

    Closing Price (p): 55.5

  • RATING 01/04/19


Company Profile

DUE TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT BY GAN OF A POTENTIAL SALE OF THE COMPANY THROUGH THE COMMENCEMENT OF A FORMAL SALE PROCESS, THE COMPANY IS DEEMED TO BE IN AN OFFER PERIOD. AS BROKER TO GAN, DAVY IS DEEMED TO BE AN ASSOCIATED PARTY AND WE HAVE THEREFORE DISCONTINUED THE PUBLICATION OF ALL RESEARCH AND FORECAST INFORMATION FOR THE DURATION OF THE OFFER PERIOD. GAN is a leading B2B provider of real money and simulated gaming technologies to the online gaming sector in both the US and Europe. The business is growing its presence in the US via real money gaming in New Jersey (where it is a technology provider to Betfair) and simulated gaming across the country where it now has 13 active clients. The group is well positioned to benefit from further regulation of online gaming in the US.

Major Shareholders%
Dermot Smurfit 13.3
Andrew Black 9.9
Michael Smurfit Sr. 9.5
Robert E. Robotti 5.9
IIU Nominees Ltd5.0