Falcon Oil and Gas (FOG.L, FOG LN)

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  • 981.8

    Closing Price (p): 8.0

  • RATING 28/01/13


Company Profile

Falcon is an internationally-focussed oil and gas group specialising in unconventional assets. It has operations in Hungary, Australia and South Africa. Its strategy is to identify and acquire large positions in new acreage prior to mainstream industry engagement. It only becomes involved in jurisdictions that welcome unconventional oil and gas operations. This acreage is then farmed out and ultimately monitised. Operating in this manner ensures that Falcon gets maximum exposure to drilling and technology while limiting the funding requirement. It has joint venture operations with NIS in Hungary, Hess in Australia and Chevron in South Africa. These involve major financial commitments by its partners with Falcon carried on expenditures as a consequence of the farm-out arrangements it has entered into. As a consequence, Falcon is likely to participate without cost in up to nine wells in its Hungarian and Australian permits with further wells expected from its collaboration with Chevron in South Africa. The group is managed out of Dublin and is currently listed in Toronto.

Major Shareholders%
Vekselberg Viktor Feliksovich17.7
Burlingame Asset Mgmt14.7
Petrohunter Energy Corp4.9
Nicolas Mathys4.1