Irish Continental Grp (IR5B_u.I, IR5B ID)

  • 901.2
  • 164.4
  • 75.4

    Closing Price (c): 548.0

  • RATING 30/08/18

  • PREVIOUS RATING 19/02/18


Company Profile

ICG is a leading shipping, transport and leisure group, transporting passengers and cars, roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) freight and container lift-on lift-off (lo-lo) freight on routes between Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe. It also operates container terminals in the ports of Dublin and Belfast. The group has two divisions: the ferries division and the container and terminal division. The ferries division comprises Irish Ferries and ship chartering activities, and the container and terminal division consists of the intermodal freight carrier Eucon and two container terminals, Dublin Ferryport Terminal (DFT) and Belfast Container Terminal (BCT), within Ireland's two main ports.

Major Shareholders%
Rothwell Eamonn18.6
Wellington Management Co. LLP10.2
Kinney Asset Mgt, LLC6.0
Marathon Asset Mgt5.0
Sretaw Private Equity 4.1