Wienerberger (WBSV.VI, WIE AV)

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  • 116.4
  • 98.3

    Closing Price (c): 2174.0

  • RATING 09/05/18

  • PREVIOUS RATING 09/01/17


Company Profile

Wienerberger is the world's largest manufacturer of bricks and is also market leader in the European clay roof tile market. Core products produced by the group are wall, roof, facade and paving. Wienerberger was founded in 1819 and became a public company in 1869. Its headquarters are in Austria and it has business activities in over 25 countries. Most of the group's revenues are derived from new residential construction. Wienerberger reports its results by the following geographic regions: (i) Central-East Europe - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Finland and the Baltic States, other Eastern Europe; (ii) Central-West Europe - Germany, Italy, Switzerland; (iii) North-West Europe - the UK, France, Benelux, Scandinavia; and (iv) North America.

Major Shareholders%
Fidelity Mgmt & Research Co.8.8
CI Investments 4.9
Dimensional Fund Advisors4.2
Marathon Asset Management 4.0