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Largest acquisition to date; biggest integration lift needed

Keywords Studios (KWS) has announced its biggest acquisition to date with the purchase of VMC for US$66m. At the same time, the company has raised £75m via a 10% share issuance. While...

October 26 2017 | Joseph Quinn | Company Report | 8 pages

Acquisition of d3t expands engineering service line

Keywords Studios (KWS) has announced the acquisition of d3t for £3m, a very complementary addition to its newly started software engineering service line. As highlighted in our...

October 19 2017 | Joseph Quinn | Company Report | 5 pages

Consolidator for the players

Outsourcing within the US$100bn-plus video game industry is growing. Developers are increasingly turning to outsourcing partners to achieve faster content delivery, driven by the pace...

October 18 2017 | Joseph Quinn | Company Report | 26 pages

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