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Site visit shines a light on operational excellence

  • Jun 15 2023, 15:40 IST/BST
  • Paul Ruddy
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Dalata hosted a sell-side visit on June 14th to its under- construction Maldron Shoreditch Hotel and its Clayton City of London Hotel. The day showcased Dalata’s operational excellence and expertise in hotel development and shone a light on its stellar financial performance. There were a number of key takeaways: (i) customer experience is at the forefront of all decisions when designing a hotel, as is employee satisfaction; (ii) Dalata has an embedded culture of efficiency and innovation and a relentless drive to improve and grow the business, which in turn drives investor returns; (iii) it recognises fully that it is a people business and that profitability is an output of its people; (iv) management has ambitions to continue to grow the estate; and (v) the management team has an innate understanding of how to develop a hotel, run it efficiently and drive growth.

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Jun 15 2023, 15:40 IST/BST