Expected to make an offer for Swedencare

  • Sectors : Foods
  • Companies : Symrise

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Symrise

    Closing Price: 10295c

  • RATING 24/03/20

  • PREVIOUS RATING 15/01/19



On May 25th, Symrise lifted its holding in Swedencare to 30% – as such the threshold for mandatory public offers has thus been exceeded. Symrise has four weeks to make an offer. The move is consistent with the group’s pet nutrition/care growth strategy – though very much at the expensive end of the M&A spectrum. On first look, we estimate that Swedencare would need to achieve its 2026 financial targets for the investment to cover its cost of capital.

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May 25 2023, 16:40 IST/BST