Dalata Hotel Group

Another round of upgrades

  • Apr 26 2023, 10:30 IST/BST
  • Paul Ruddy
  • Company Report
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  • Sectors : Hotels
  • Companies : Dalata Hotel Group

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Dalata Hotel Group

    Closing Price: 436c

  • RATING 09/09/14

  • PREVIOUS RATING 03/09/14



Dalata’s remarkable recovery from the pandemic has been driven by a combination of its operational excellence and supportive macro and consumer trends. Schedule data for air travel paint an encouraging picture for the summer ahead. Coupled with this, the headwinds from energy costs in particular are subsiding. As a result, we again upgrade forecasts across the horizon – making the valuation look particularly appealing.

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Apr 26 2023, 10:30 IST/BST