Tullow Oil

Upgrading forecasts

  • Apr 5 2022, 06:45 IST/BST
  • Colin Grant
  • Company Report
  • 12 page(s)
  • Sectors : Resource
  • Companies : Tullow Oil

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Tullow Oil

    Closing Price: 54.5p

  • RATING 15/01/20

  • PREVIOUS RATING 09/12/19



We have made material upgrades to our forecasts. Operating performance is in line with guidance and supported by high oil prices and the recent exercise of the pre-emption rights in Ghana. Despite the energy crisis, investments in oil and gas supply receive no policy support. The sector represents a huge opportunity.

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Apr 5 2022, 06:45 IST/BST