Genuit Group

A Next Gen building products offering but fairly valued at present

  • Sectors : Building products
  • Companies : Genuit Group

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Genuit Group

    Closing Price: 668p

  • RATING 05/11/21



2021 has been an auspicious year for Genuit. Momentum lost due to the pandemic was regained; platform acquisitions have deepened the offering; an equity raising provided additional financial security; and the name change reflected the evolution of the group. The re-rating that began in the latter part of 2020 has also continued. While Genuit has attractive prospects and screens well from a sustainability perspective, we think it is fairly valued at this juncture – especially as near-term cost challenges amplify. We initiate with a ‘Neutral’ recommendation.

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Nov 5 2021, 06:45 GMT