Solid Q1 and well placed to meet imminent challenges

  • Sectors : Building products
  • Companies : Geberit

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Geberit

    Closing Price: 40200chf

  • RATING 08/05/14

  • PREVIOUS RATING 09/11/12



Geberit had a solid Q1 with constant currency revenues up 1.5% year-on-year. However, COVID-19 will clearly impact trading to a much greater extent from April onwards. Even still, it is instructive that the group is not planning to compromise with any measures that may harm its future potential. Not reducing R&D is an example of this. History suggests that Geberit will outperform in a downturn as its core strengths come to the fore. These include its very healthy financial position, the group’s free cash flow generation capabilities and the resilience of its margins.

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Apr 6 2020, 07:45 IST/BST